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Mumbai, Maharashtra
4 hrs Hours
Duration of Activity
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Team building activities must instil diverse skills in teams, many times, the location and the venue create a significant impact on the results. The finance capital city, Mumbai always paves greater paths to the aspirants. When your teams are engaged in Actionbound challenges in Mumbai, the excitement and fun element go very high up. As the teams are given a limited budget, they are expected to use the local transport to fulfil the activities. Travelling in Mumbai local trains can be a challenging activity for many in your teams. When they achieve their goal after working really hard, the motivational levels can never be measured.

Such highly motivated employees are sure to be loyal to the organisation and strive towards elevating its growth as well. The Actionbound challenge doesn’t stop at playing QR code hunt or photo scavenger hunt, it also involved tasting street foods. Mumbai is known for many mouthwatering street food delicacies. Teams will come up with the exhilarating energy levels when they return to work. 

Learning Outcome

Motivation: The set of challenges are designed to keep the team are up and running in an agile model. As the teams are empowered to work under a common goal, the competition becomes much more fun yet they are serious about winning. Your teams will experience roaring fun as they busy solving a puzzle around ‘the Gateway of India’ or ‘Marine Drive.’ The activities are designed to enable the leaders with complete confidence and trigger a go-getter attitude in them. Such enabled leaders actively motivate the teams to solve the problems and win over the competition.

Strategy: Agility is a must needed trait for the teams to win over competitors. The energy transformed by the teams as they build strategy while enjoying the crowd cheering games in Chatrapathi Shivaji terminus is totally unmeasurable. The teams make risk management, forecasting and succession strategies and achieve the ‘first mover advantage.’ Such learning will reflect as estimating ability and gain competitive advantage.

Leadership Skills: Making teams work under a common goal, scope planning, project management, delegating tasks are few among numerous leadership skills your teams will gain as a part of this team building game. Great leaders’ stands unique because of the ability to steer the team towards a goal and act decisively based on the situation. Each Actionbound challenge needs a pragmatic approach to managing cross-functional teams to successfully complete the tasks, ensure that everyone involved is focused on assigned tasks.

Thinking Outside-the-Box: When one thinks out-of-the-box, it gives them an edge over others, they gain an ability to approach & solve problems in innovative ways. In the Actionbound challenge, each leg of the activity requires the participant’s undivided attention and lateral thinking as they explore unexplored regions in the city. By traversing through the heritage buildings in the Finance capital city, Mumbai, your teams will look towards progression when they get back to the workplace.

Building Trust: Trust building is a great ability a leader must possess. That too, in challenging situations like a local train journey in Mumbai, this adventurous team bonding activity is sure to build trust among teams. Teams also develop communication, collaboration and people management skills and, with enhanced trust, each team member will shine as a thought leader. As each member completes challenges, a deep sense of trust is created among teams and they learn to appreciate each other’s’ efforts. 

What's Covered
  • Fees related to the application and design of the program
  • Any cost associated with the entry to monuments, historical buildings or tourist spots
  • Any travel/tickets that are part of action bound activity, e.g. metro, bus, auto
  • Expenses related to props and material required to complete the task
  • Facilitator and staff for the event
What to Expect
  • Experiences that will take everyone out of their comfort zone and make them see a place from a different point of view
  • Small walks and travel using public transport
  • Weather could play tough, so it is essential to keep yourself up for some challenges, which will barely matter once things start rolling
  • Visiting local markets, speaking to locals for guidance, enjoying street food and much more exciting team games will be a part of this activity
Video / Images
App Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter ImagesApp Based Mumbai City Hunt - Apptrotter Images
Terms & Conditions

1. The team experiences demand strict adherence to time, hence, most of these experiences do not have flexibility in duration and or start. So, if you are late, consider the flight missed.

2. Some of these experiences are only available during a particular season/time of the year, which has been displayed against every experience. Please do the review before enquiring.

3. Each of the experience comes at a value and is determined by factors like the number of participants/group size, objectives, duration, logistics involved etc. Therefore, the cost will vary from one group to another.

4. These experiences have been designed for experiential based learning and the participant expectation may need to be reset if required accordingly. Be ready to unlearn and learn.

5. Experiences once booked cannot be cancelled as they require a lot of preparation from all the stakeholders involved and it will have a domino effect on each business.

6. Misconduct of any sort during any of the experience would not be tolerated as it may hamper with the serenity of the place and sometimes human emotions. Be glocally sensitive.

Why Team Experiences
  • Real Life Learning: Hands-on Learning from the best of the best and live day to day examples. This also gives employees a sense of purpose and value.
  • Unique Exposure to your team: Every time you come back there is a variety in the experiences which align to your objectives so well.
  • 3 D’s : The team experiences are designed to enhance Drive, induce Determination and self Discipline.
  • Management Lessons: Each experience is handpicked and has been designed to meet the organisation’s L&D goals. Be it team related or for Individual development.
  • Fun and Spontaneity: The participants still have fun while participating in any of the team experiences. Every step bring in new challenges and surprises.
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